The Story Behind the Audible Indigenous Writers’ Circle

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Impact communications is so much more than a “buzzword.” What does it actually look like in practice?

Tessa Danelesko is an expert in harnessing communication for social impact. She’s not only an account director at Yulu, but also the Co-Executive Director of the Impact Communications Institute, and she brings a wealth of knowledge on creating narratives that resonate and foster societal change. 

In today’s case study, we’re uncovering the origin and evolution of the Audible Indigenous Writers’ Circle, a mentorship program that amplifies the voices of indigenous storytellers. The impact of the program has already resulted in 100 media stories, 16.8 million impressions, and 77,000 touchpoints!

You’ll hear how Tessa initially pitched the program, how they built trust on Facebook and worked closely with indigenous influencers to spread the word, culminating in an experience that honors the narratives that emerge from experiences of trauma and systemic racism. 

The Audible Indigenous Writers’ Circle stands as a testament to the power of storytelling, and encourages a ripple of positive impact through media coverage and community engagement.


Resources & Links

Connect with Tessa through her work at Yulu PR and the Impact Communications Institute, where you can also take their pledge. Tessa can be reached at tessa@yulupr.com

Check out the application for this year’s Indigenous Writers’ Circle, which is open through April 1st. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, email audible@yulupr.com

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