Does Fundraising Still Work on Facebook?

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How do you go from a transitional audience of Facebook followers to a level of deep engagement where you actually get to know them? 

I always love sharing interesting tech and tools, which is why I’m excited to introduce you to Nick Black and Jeremy Berman, the founders of GoodUnited. This dynamic duo is lifting the veil on their mission to transform nonprofit fundraising in the age of social media, turning passive followers into champions of change.

Our episode opens up with a candid conversation about diversity and inclusivity, and the pivotal steps Nick and Jeremy are taking to prioritize these values across their upcoming events following a difficult wake-up call. 

Then, we get right into the nuts and bolts of Facebook fundraising campaigns – and how over time, Facebook has unlocked over 7 BILLION dollars in donations with their giving tools. 

Don’t miss out on these massive opportunities for nonprofits, including the ability to directly connect with donors in Facebook Messenger and how you can leverage GoodUnited’s powerful messaging tools.

One messaging push resulted in 2,900 shares of a post in 18 hours! 

We wrap with some fascinating case studies, dissecting campaigns from Puppy Rescue Mission and the American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge, and highlight the power of conversational messaging to engage and mobilize supporters. 


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Join me and GoodUnited on Thursday, March 14th at 10a PT / 1p ET for a FREE virtual event to learn how to supercharge your social fundraising and learn next-level tactics to deliver the right donors. Register here to join live or to get the replay.

Connect with Nick on LinkedIn, and with Jeremy on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Nick and Jeremy’s book comes out March 26th! Click here to preorder One-Click to Give: Future Proof Your Fundraising with Social Media.

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