The Strategy Behind MHIF’s Heart-Healthy Pumpkin Soup Lead Magnet That Attracted 246 Subscribers

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Do you think Facebook ads are challenging and confusing? 

Cassie Turczyn from the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation is here to guide us through her journey of conquering the complexity of paid ads, resulting in over 21,000 impressions and 200+ new emails for their list! 

The last round of my Grow Your List Ads Challenge paved the way for MHIF to expand its reach and attract potential donors, so today, we’re sharing their tactical case study.

Cassie walks us through the entire $375 ad campaign, the audiences they targeted, how they used Canva for ad graphics, and how they harnessed the power of Facebook Ads to capture the attention of 250+ new email leads.

She also shares all the details around their email welcome sequence, and how they target and engage new subscribers. 

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  • Cassie would love to connect with you on LinkedIn and you can learn more about the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation on their website.
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Cassie’s Ad Graphics:  










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