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What Are Donors Craving with Classy’s Elizabeth Ruikka

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Struggling to capture the attention of Gen Z donors amidst today’s oversaturated digital landscape? 

Today’s conversation with Classy’s Growth Marketing leader, Elizabeth Ruikka, offers a deep dive into the contrasts between the older and younger generations, particularly when it comes to charitable giving. 

With nearly ten years of experience in growth marketing under her belt, Elizabeth shares how Classy’s platform has evolved from peer-to-peer fundraising to a launchpad for nonprofits fostering genuine connections with willing donors. Get ready to explore the immense potential of technology in offering diverse giving experiences, from direct donations to events and recurring contributions.

You’ll discover how experimentation can open up more avenues for giving, and how aligning individuals with causes they hold dear can turn the tide against dwindling donations. 

Plus, be inspired by the power of community as we look at the collective impact made by over 150 MILLION users across platforms like Classy and GoFundMe. 

So, are you ready to revolutionize your nonprofit’s growth strategy and get tactical tools to engage effectively with Gen Z? Let’s do this.


Resources & Links

Applications are now open for my Monthly Giving Mastermind program! Ready to build a dedicated community of recurring donors to generate consistent revenue? Let’s make it happen together. Learn more and apply here.

Connect with Elizabeth on LinkedIn and learn more about Classy on their website.

Elizabeth recommends the tool SparkToro for audience insights.

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