What Creates or Crumbles Donor Trust with Amanda Wasson

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Are you ready to get to the heart of donor trust and its impact on the nonprofit sector? Amanda Wasson, EVP of Client Experiences at RKD Group, is here to shed light on this crucial topic. Amanda explores the trust deficit within the nonprofit sector, a revelation brought to light by the trust report conducted by her organization in collaboration with McQueen Mackin and Associates. This conversation takes you on a journey through the implications this trust deficit could have on the future of the industry, while also offering valuable insights on effective donor messaging and strategic tactics.

Amanda reinforces the significance of trust as a driving factor in donor giving and emphasizes the importance of transparency and confidence in this equation. We also delve into understanding your donor preferences and the importance of leveraging all communication channels for optimum engagement.

In the final stretch of our conversation, we delve into creating successful campaigns with an emphasis on building donor trust through effective messaging. Amanda provides invaluable insights into this and even shares strategies for using online surveys to receive feedback from donors. We also discuss the role of post-gift messaging and five creative ways to say thank you to your donors. Amanda leaves us with the ways to connect with her and access her invaluable research. 

Tune in to get equipped with strategies that will revolutionize your donor engagement game in the nonprofit sector!


Resources & Links

Connect with Amanda on LinkedIn and view her fascinating report, Solid Gold: The Nonprofit Marketer’s Guide to Trust. Amanda also points to a blog on their website about how nonprofits can rebuild trust and reach new audiences.

Tune in to Episode 87: 5 Creative Ways to Say Thank You for more on this topic.

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