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How To Create More Engaging Fundraising Emails with Tim Sarrantonio and Cherian Koshy

Reading Time: 2 minutes


What would it mean for your nonprofit if you could unlock the secrets of email marketing and increase your fundraising exponentially? That’s precisely what we’re unpacking in this episode with Tim Sarrantonio, Director of Corporate Brand at Neon One, and Cherian Koshy, VP of Development at Merit America. Neon One has analyzed over 30,000 campaigns and 150 million emails from 1,500 nonprofits – all to discover the trends and benchmarks that will take your email marketing to the next level.

Did you know that emotional subject lines could dramatically increase open rates? That’s one of the trends we pinpointed from the report. However, many nonprofits are missing the mark in this area. 

We also discuss why smaller organizations often outperform larger ones, the shocking underutilization of GivingTuesday as a fundraising opportunity, and practical tools for managing your email list.

Cherian brings valuable insights from his experience with AI sentiment analysis and how it can potentially transform your email strategy. 

We were surprised by the performance of the word ‘newsletter’ in subject lines and we can’t wait to share the insights with you. 

The episode wraps with a sneak peek into their upcoming GivingTuesday and End of Year data report, which will further equip you with key insights to refine your email marketing and fundraising efforts. 

You won’t want to miss it!


Resources & Links

Download Neon One’s 2023 Nonprofit Email Report to learn more about the insights we shared in this episode. You can also read their blog post to discover Email Subject Lines that Engage Lapsed Donors.

Connect with Tim on LinkedIn or via email at tim@neonone.com. Connect with Cherian on LinkedIn and at Nonprofit Operating System.

Klean13 will help you get better conversion rates by cleaning your email list. 

Do you want to be a featured case study on the Missions to Movements Podcast? I’m looking for 4 organizations that want to come on the show (absolutely free!) and we’ll have a digital marketing style consultation call. DM me on LinkedIn or Instagram to learn more.

Hire me as your fractional digital marketing manager! Together, we can help you prep and run your Giving Tuesday and year-end campaigns, from optimizing your online donations, running social ads, reviewing your email sequences, and planning your campaign strategies. Send me an email at info@positiveequation.com to learn more.

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