How to Build Your ENTIRE Content Calendar in 1 Day

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You heard us right. YOU can build your entire social media content calendar for a month in 1 day! Planning a month at a time helps keep your posts looking cohesive and gives you more time to handle last-minute posts that might pop up during the month. If you have an approval process, planning an entire month in one day also makes getting approvals more convenient for any superiors.

Research social media holidays

The first step to any content calendar is planning around holidays – social media or otherwise. Make sure to check for: federal holidays, major events (think Emmy’s, the Super Bowl, etc), and “social media” holidays, like National Nonprofit Day and Read a Book Day. Check out this helpful link to find upcoming holidays:


Check your analytics

Before doing anything else, check your analytics. Business analytics and insights are your BEST friend when it comes to building a content calendar. These statistics help you decide how your posts are performing so you can plan future posts based on which type did the best. Analytics will also show you what times and days of the week are best for your pages. If you know Tuesday mornings are when you gain the most followers, plan a killer post for that time!

Decide on a schedule

Will you be posting every day? Or maybe only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? Choose a schedule that makes sense for your organization. If you’ve seen great results and engagement from instagram stories, post them more often! Your schedule will be based strongly off of your analytics and the platforms you are using. While there is no magic formula to how often you should post, give some different cadences a try to find what works best for your organization.

Choose theme days

One of the easiest ways to plan content is to go off of popular hashtags. For instance, a common schedule is to post an encouraging quote on Monday for #MondayMotivation, information about your organization for #WednesdayWisdom, and a photo or video from a previous event for #ThrowbackThursday, then fill in the other days with content that pushes your agenda. The rule of social media is as follows: 80% fun and 20% sales.

Make hashtag lists

Keep several hashtag lists saved in a document or even just the notes app on your phone. This way, when you post a #MondayMotivation post, all you have to do is copy and paste the #MondayMotivation hashtag list and you’re good to go!

Bonus Tips:

  • Knock out one theme day at a time- focusing on one type of post at a time is the most efficient way to schedule from our experience
  • Create graphics first, then write the copy

There you go! Now go create an AMAZING month of content and then sit back to admire your work and see your engagement grow.

What’s your favorite social media holiday? We like #CheeseLoversDay!


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