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Get ready to rock-n-roll in Nashville, TN, at the Raise fundraising conference at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum!

Sept 9 & 10

Get ready to rock-n-roll in Nashville, TN, at the Raise fundraising conference!

Sept 9 & 10

$3,705 Raised on Facebook with $0 Ad Spend with Chelsea Edwards

Reading Time: 2 minutes


This episode is brought to you by GoodUnited.

A new generation of nonprofit fundraising is coming, powered by people and authentic connections in the places they spend time. See how next-level tactics can deliver the right donors and increased revenue – even as individual giving drops. Join social media fundraising’s best and brightest on March 14th at 1:00 PM ET for this can’t-miss event. P.S. Can’t attend the event? Register and we’ll send you the replay.

If you think Facebook doesn’t work to acquire donors anymore, this case study with Chelsea Edwards from the Colorectal Cancer Alliance will prove you otherwise.

For the past three years as the Senior Director of Peer-to-Peer Giving, Chelsea has been instrumental in amplifying their fundraising campaigns, like “Lead From Behind”, which harnessed celebrity influencers like Ryan Reynolds. 

Partnering with GoodUnited on their messaging and Facebook fundraising efforts last year resulted in 440 people launching a campaign around “Blue Day” and $3,705 raised, with $0 in ad spend! 

Chelsea breaks down the details of their strategy, including the messaging and segmenting they used to engage donors and the analytics they paid attention to. Interestingly, Facebook Messenger drove higher click-through rates as compared to email. 

We also explore the art of listening to your donors, using their stories to refine your strategies, ensuring that every click contributes to a narrative of hope and support.

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Learn more about how to support the cause.


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  • Learn more about the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, including the upcoming ScopeItOut event in Washington DC. You can connect with Chelsea at cedwards@ccalliance.org or on LinkedIn
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