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5-Step Checklist To Hire The Right Social Media Staff For Your Nonprofit


When hiring a social media manager, digital coordinator OR <insert your job title here> it’s important to make sure they’re the right fit for the job.

I’ve put together a 5-step checklist to help find the perfect social media hire for your nonprofit team.

Print this out, copy and paste to notes, whatever works for you to remember to follow these guidelines during the interview process.

ONE: Prior Social Media Experience

Having previous social media experience is great, BUT can they craft content that’s relevant to your nonprofit?

TASK: Have them draft two sample captions (graphics will come later) a) Make an ask for donations b) Provide a social impact update

TWO: Business & Digital Goals

Explain your business goals and ask how would they create digital strategies to align with those business goals.

TASK: Ask them to draft 2-3 digital ideas that directly correlate to help solve your business goals.

THREE: Tools & Budget

Let them know you WANT them to succeed by providing all the necessary tools, resources, and a reasonable budget to reach your business goals.

TASK: Ask them to write a list of the social media tools and resources they’d like to have AND a sample budget. (Here’s my sample budget as a guide)

FOUR: Fundraising

When social media can become a significant revenue stream for your nonprofit, you’ve made it! You want someone that can think creatively to raise funds online.

TASK: Give them a test challenge of raising $10,000. How would they do it? What platforms would they activate on? Would there be a paid spend element? Live content? Influencers? Give them no limits and see what they come back with!

FIVE: Drive & Empathy

Is this potential hire ON FIRE for your nonprofit? Are they eager to learn? Curious and asking you a ton of questions? A resume is a bunch of impressive words, but it’s not everything. I’ve hired staff that didn’t really know much about social media, but they were SO eager to learn and came to work every day with a positive attitude.

In the same breath, I have to say, it’s also super crucial for you to be open to innovation and testing new ideas when it comes to social media. It’s an everchanging landscape and if you make a hire that’s a go-getter, they WILL push you to think outside the box. 😉

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