The GivingTuesday Strategies You Need To Try In 2023 with Woodrow Rosenbaum

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Woodrow Rosenbaum, the Chief Data Officer for GivingTuesday, is BACK and he’s offering us incredible insights from their team’s research to support your 2023 GivingTuesday efforts. 

The findings unveil a concerning trend – fewer donors, but more money, potentially undermining the resilience of the nonprofit sector. If you’re looking to increase your donor engagement without seeming invasive, this conversation will nudge you in the right direction.

Our chat with Woodrow also invites you to ponder over the importance of diversifying donor engagement and the risks entailed in relying too heavily on big donors. Uncover inventive ways to engage beyond financial solicitation, and learn how to amplify your monthly donor efforts. We even throw light on the untapped potential of volunteer opportunities in winning new supporters and enhancing engagement with existing ones. 

Finally, we broach a topic that’s caught the attention of millennials – recurring donations. Discover how having a loyal donor base can spark creativity and learn strategies to leverage these recurring donations for maximizing engagement. 

With an emphasis on breaking out of the siloed approach in communications and development, we also discuss the power of relationship building with current and potential donors. And remember, setting a specific and measurable goal, and drawing donors into a larger group of do-gooders, can be a game changer! 

Tune in, get inspired, and start making a bigger impact today.


Resources & Links

Connect with Woodrow on LinkedIn and check out GivingTuesday’s most recent Quarterly Fundraising Report for additional insights and nonprofit sector trends. You can also find out about upcoming reports here.

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