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Important Gen-Z Characteristics For Nonprofits

Reading Time: 2 minutes

What Gen-Z characteristics are important when looking to attract younger donors? What’s on the minds of today’s youth?

DoSomething Strategic is the consultancy arm of DoSomething.org—the largest organization for young people and social change. They help future-thinking brands and organizations engage the next generation for good.

Mary Noel is the Business Development Director at DSS and I’m excited to have her share what Gen-Z characteristics matter for nonprofits as you look to scale your donor base.

To connect with Mary and DoSomething Strategic, check out their newsletter at: https://dosomethingstrategic.org/


4:21 – Who is defined as the Gen-Z generation?

5:29 – I read a recent blog post from your website about how Gen-Z generally feels about vaccinations and a post-COVID world. Could you speak to that research and the findings?

11:30 – Are there certain trends or indicators you’ve seen as to how Gen-Z views and interacts with nonprofits? 

18:45 – TOMS did a complete business strategy and visual rebrand transformation to appeal to Gen-Z, do you think this will happen/should happen more? 

23:29 – What tips do you have for nonprofits looking to grow and attract a younger generation of supporters and advocates? 

32:30 – How can people connect with you and DoSomething Strategic?



I’m Dana Snyder! An entrepreneur, digital strategist, and passionate conscious consumer. I founded Positive Equation in 2017 with a focus on helping nonprofits cultivate passionate online audiences of donors, partners, and advocates using social media.

Currently based in Atlanta, I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with Movember, Dress for Success, USTA, Honest Company, Sports Illustrated, American Idol, The Global Foodbanking Network, The Gary Sinise Foundation, LA84 Foundation, and many more on their digital strategies.

Learn how to attract new donors with Facebook and Instagram ads in my online course, Digital Donors On-Demand!

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