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Scaling an Ambassador Program with Hope for Haiti

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What does it mean and look like to create an ambassador/advocate fundraising program? Hope for Haiti knows how. In three years, they’ve scaled a $10k event to over $200k!! Taylor is a nonprofit professional specializing in campaign strategy, communications/PR, and community engagement. She is the creator of Hope for Haiti’s flagship #HikeforHaiti campaign and serves as the organization’s Director of Marketing & Communications. 

To learn more about Taylor and the amazing work she does, check out!


6:30 – When and why did you start the #HikeforHaiti challenge?

10:11 – How has it evolved over the years?

17:05 – Was there one thing that made the program exponentially expand?

18:21 – How did you recruit your influential ambassadors?

25:35 – How many people does it take to run Hike for Haiti Challenge? What are those roles?

30:10 – Any advice for those looking to create an ambassador program?



I’m Dana Snyder! An entrepreneur, digital strategist, and passionate conscious consumer. I founded Positive Equation in 2017 with a focus on helping nonprofits cultivate passionate online audiences of donors, partners, and advocates using social media.

Currently based in Atlanta, I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with Movember, Dress for Success, USTA, Honest Company, Sports Illustrated, American Idol, The Global Foodbanking Network, The Gary Sinise Foundation, LA84 Foundation, and many more on their digital strategies.

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