The Latest LinkedIn Updates for Nonprofits with Jazmin Garcia

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Today we’re diving into one of my favorite platforms… LinkedIn! 

With 900 million members and an 18% increase in sessions year over year, more and more people are looking to LinkedIn to navigate this new world of work – from getting hired, to connecting, learning, and building personal thought leadership.

Did you know that LinkedIn has an incredible resource hub for nonprofits? And that you could be using LinkedIn to connect with future donors?

It’s a pleasure to bring in Jazmin Garcia, a Nonprofit Talent Account Executive at LinkedIn, for a super tactical conversation. We talk about LinkedIn’s growth, all the new features you need to try, and how you can easily 6x your engagement.

Sneak Peek:

In This Episode:

  • The incredible changes Jazmin has witnessed on LinkedIn over the last 5-10 years, including new features that recently rolled out. The headline? LinkedIn is becoming a “skill space”.
  • All about creator mode and why you should leverage it if you want to grow your reach and influence
  • How often to publish new content on LinkedIn (and the secret sauce to getting 6x more engagement)
  • The accessible tools available for nonprofits, including pilot programs
  • How to connect with potential donors on LinkedIn and raise funds on the platform
  • Why LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator absolutely crushes over cold calling and will help you create an “above and beyond” personal connection

Notable Quotes from Jazmin

“We have a team of economists constantly looking at the numbers. In terms of engagement, when it comes to our more than 900 million members, we’re seeing sessions increase 18% year over year, with members and customers continuing to look to LinkedIn to navigate this new world of work, connecting, learning, selling, and getting hired. And over 80% of our member growth is coming from the US.”

“What we have seen in this new future of work is that job seekers are seeking jobs differently. And then the employers are seeking the job seekers differently, too. And I think the headline there is skill space, without question. It’s the new currency. People are increasingly investing in how they build their skills, changing their roles. LinkedIn Learning offers over 20,000 courses in 11 languages.”

Jazmin’s Ask

If you take ANY action from today’s episode, Jazmin wants you to share this episode, review the recommended LinkedIn resources (especially the resource hub for nonprofits!), and share the role guides!

“I can’t stress enough how critical it is for organizations to know about quite literally the free resources that are available to them on the platform.”

Resources & Links

Spend less time posting manually and use Later for all your social media management and analytics needs! Start with a FREE account today.

Maximize your nonprofit’s impact by checking out LinkedIn’s Nonprofits Resource Hub and be sure to read the case studies. You can also grow your skills with LinkedIn Learning.

Jazmin recommends the book I Do Boundaries: A Bible Study to Discover Your Power, Protect What Matters, and Stop Feeling Bad About It, by Havilah Cunnington. She also loves listening to the Ten Percent Happier Podcast with Dan Harris and the Crime Junkie Podcast.

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