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AMA: My Top Canva and Online Fundraising 101 Tips

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Let’s transform your mission into a movement. In this solo episode, I’m doing an Ask Me Anything and we’re diving into the power of Canva (including the best ways to create animated content for social media!) and my favorite online fundraising tips.

If you have a question about digital marketing, virtual or hybrid events, social advertising, online fundraising, or building a business, click here to send me a voice memo! I may feature you in a future episode.

Push your creativity further on social media using Canva

Have you ever wanted to create more engaging social media content beyond just a static post? Luckily, you don’t have to think too far outside the box. 

Canva is an incredible tool for nonprofits, and nonprofits can actually get Pro access for free!

Try using Canva’s animation tool to animate your copy to pop up like a typewriter on the screen. Or you can put an animated sticker on your graphic to add a little more movement. I do this when I create teasers for upcoming episodes of the Missions to Movements Podcast.

Canva also has an in-depth content library, including stock video footage that you can use if you’re strapped for producing video content.

As you experiment with these fun tools, tag me at @positivequation. I can’t wait to see what you create.

Evaluate your web presence and build your brand recognition

If your organization is just getting started with online fundraising, especially if your funds are limited, the most important thing to consider is your website and its mobile accessibility. It’s very easy to give on mobile for fundraising and there are so many tools, like Givebutter and Fundraise Up.

Beyond this, is your site discoverable? 

There’s nothing better than having throngs of keyword-rich blog posts to start ranking organically on search engines. Take my website for example. I’ve written blog posts over three years ago that are continuing to bring a rush of new traffic and visitors every single month!

If writing isn’t your forte, hire a freelance copywriter. Brainstorm a list of what people are actively searching for and want answers to. “List” posts are great! Providing resources through a list is a perfect tool.

Create a conversation with your supporters using your email list

In order to maintain a consistent flywheel of communication with your supporters, you need to invest time in building up your email list.

I recommend activating a pop-up or strategically placing a box on your website where your audience can enter their name and email address.

While it may seem easy to have a weekly newsletter be the incentive, offer a valuable resource in exchange for them providing their email. Get your audience excited where it’s an absolute no-brainer to sign up.

It could be a video about the impact you made as an organization in the last year or a list of books about your topic areas so people can get even more educated about the important work you do. A printable activity or worksheet is another great idea.

Notable Quote from Dana

“Blog posts live on and they constantly garner web traffic years after it’s posted to your site. There are things that I have written 3 years ago as a blog post that continually bring new people and website traffic that are searching for those keywords on Google.”

Resources & Links

Ask me anything! Click here to send me your questions about digital marketing, virtual or hybrid events, social advertising, online fundraising, or building a business.

Download Canva and check out their free resources for nonprofits.

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