How To Attract New Donors with a Quiz and Social Media Ads with The Adventure Project’s Tesi Klipsch

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Do you spend time thinking about how your organization can automate the process of attracting new donors?

The Adventure Project did just that with a quiz that received more than 26,000 shares (!), positioning them as leaders in their industry and generating immediate one-time donations, plus recurring gifts. Marketing and Engagement Consultant Tesi Klipsch takes us behind the scenes. You’ll hear how she’s converting leads for less than $1 using Facebook ads, the importance of A/B testing, and the mechanics of creating a successful lead generation campaign.

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The power of social media ads to generate low-cost leads

When Tesi joined the team at The Adventure Project after being a committed donor since its inception, it felt like a natural fit with her previous experience marketing for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

To skyrocket awareness and bring in an influx of monthly donors to help create jobs in developing countries, Tesi and her team brainstormed an incredible idea.

What if they could create a simple, three-question quiz that informs people of their mission to end poverty?

The results took off like they never expected and the quiz has received more than 26,000 shares! Plus, anyone who enters their email address at the end will have an automatic $2.40 donated to The Adventure Project on their behalf from an anonymous donor.

Constant testing is KEY to a successful campaign

If you’re going to experiment with a new campaign on social media, you need to conduct a thorough set of tests over several weeks to see what converts the best.

Tesi found over six A/B tests that lead generation ads on Facebook targeting women ages 30-70 could convert someone for as little as $1 per lead.

Their first ad was converting at $4.13 per conversion. Imagine if they hadn’t continued testing!

There was a natural symmetry in matching the image on the ad to the image on the landing page for the quiz. After testing the ad with images of five other women, it was the one that matched the ad that was the clear winner.

Next, consider your copy. Is short and sweet driving results, or is your target audience piquing their interest through longer-form content? What really connected with Tesi’s audience was a couple of paragraphs in the ad that mentioned the call to action to “take the quiz.”

adventure project facebook ad

How to build a smart lead generation funnel with a quiz

I love talking about funnels and the donor’s journey. 

The quiz is captivating in and of itself (I was shocked to get 2 out of the 3 answers wrong!), but as it educated me on the correct answers, I realized just how big of a problem this is in the world. Of course, when I was prompted at the end to enter my email address and make a bigger impact with $2.40 donated on my behalf, it was an easy yes.

The second thing that’s beautiful is the thank you page. After entering your email address, a video pops up from one of The Adventure Project’s co-founders encouraging you to deepen your involvement by joining their collective, via a donation widget on the page. Interestingly, Tesi sees the most conversations to the collective happen then, as potential donors are most primed to join in that moment. 

And from a Facebook ads perspective, they can track the entire process with the magical Facebook pixel and then retarget them later. Tesi credits the pixel with being one of the best and most effective growth hacks for any organization.

Notable Quotes from Tesi

“I just can’t stress testing enough. One of the first ads I was testing was $4.13. But getting it down to $1 obviously is infinitely better.”

“As a marketing person when I see that fundraiser email saying someone joined from your Facebook quiz, it just feels like a shot of adrenaline. It’s so exciting every time.”

Resources & Links

Learn more about The Adventure Project and its mission to create jobs in developing countries and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Take The Adventure Project’s 3-Question Quiz and an anonymous donor will donate $2.40 on your behalf to help one woman gain access to life-saving services.

Follow our guest Tesi Klipsch on Instagram and Twitter and share how you’re bringing in and pitching monthly donors.

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