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Welcome to The Addition! Where I share my raw & real thoughts + experiences about digital marketing for nonprofits.

10 Quick Steps to Make Your Nonprofit’s Website Irresistible to Donors

“If I can’t find your mission statement in the first 30 seconds…there’s a problem.”  If you’re looking to improve your donation conversion rate online, keep reading! Jon and Becky from We Are for Good are experts at all things branding and marketing. They joined me to walk through 10 quick steps to make your nonprofit’s […]

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Increase Your Reach on Instagram with One Post

Did she just say we can increase reach on Instagram with ONE post? Yes, I did! Whenever Instagram comes out with a new feature, it’s important to test! The ‘Gram is pouring a ton of marketing and energy into any and ALL new releases, so you know they’ll want to push content from users. What […]

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Two Types of Content You Should Be Posting On Instagram

Do you think the Instagram algorithm wants you to fail? NO way! Right now, Instagram wants you and your audience to stay on the platform longer and shy away from using TikTok. Note: That’s why they created Reels and you bet they’ll have an audio-only option coming up soon. *cough cough Clubhouse* So, what’s the […]



The Biggest Mistake Nonprofits Make on Social Media

The Problem The biggest mistake most nonprofits make on social media is very common and easy to fix! Posting the same content across all platforms.  Think about it – every social media platform is consumed differently, has unique features, and functionality. So why would we post the same copy and imagery across each channel hoping […]

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