3 Easy Ways to Encourage Recurring Donations for Your Nonprofit

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You may have heard it before. But just in case you haven’t, I’ll tell you: setting your nonprofit up for recurring donations is much easier than constantly having to attract new donors. 

They’re an incredibly valuable part of creating a sustainable fundraising strategy as you grow your organization.

I’ll take you through 3 easy ways to encourage recurring donations for your nonprofit in this post.

The Refuge Monthly Giving Website for Ally Global

What Are Recurring Donations and Why Are They Important? 

Recurring donations for nonprofits are when a donor doesn’t stop at just one donation. Instead, they elect to make an ongoing gift. 

Why Is It Important to Increase Recurring Donations for Your Nonprofit? 

Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Donors

Recurring donations are one way to increase online giving. Because as I mentioned above, those who’ve given once are easier to work with again rather than warming up new leads. 

According to data from Kindful, recurring donors give 5x more on average than those who only give once. 

And the average recurring donor will give for more than two years! 


Have a Reliable Revenue Stream

If you need to know how to grow a nonprofit, this is one of the biggest answers. By encouraging recurring donations, and setting your nonprofit up for them, you can expect a reliable revenue stream. 

Instead of hustling for the next donation, you know where the next one is coming from.


How to Boost Your Recurring Donations for Your Nonprofit

You get it, now! The recurring donors are important for your success. 

But how do you go about making sure they happen? 

As promised, here are my top 3 ways to encourage them: 


Set Up Your Website for Recurring Donations

Make sure your website has a dedicated online donation page. And better yet, add in a subscription offer on a monthly (more on that in a moment), quarterly, or yearly basis. 

Be sure your website is clear and easy to navigate. And use messaging that is effective and strong, versus a simple checkbox. 

Setting your process up for recurring donations doesn’t have to be difficult, either! Platforms like Fundraise Up, Funraise, and Givebutter make for excellent platforms that are easy to use and streamline your systems for your donors.

Plus, they’re all great to use for mobile devices, too. Using mobile-optimized platforms means your cause is accessible to your donors, no matter how they want to give. 

And if you’re interested in Fundraise Up to update your donation platform, I can help you out. Click here to learn more about my Fundraise Up Onboarding service! 


Fundraise Up Monthly Giving Form for The Adventure Project


Add In a Monthly Giving Program to Boost Recurring Donations

Monthly giving has been proven to be a valuable strategy for nonprofits across the board. From increasing revenue to garnering more engaged donors, using monthly giving is a beneficial way to bring in recurring donations. 

In fact, data from Network for Good shows a recurring monthly donor will give 42% more in one year than those who opt-in to one-time gifts. 


Use Facebook Ads for Nonprofits to Keep Your Organization Top of Mind

Using Facebook ads for nonprofits is an excellent way to boost recurring donations! With the Facebook ads manager platform, you can retarget specific audiences, including those who’ve donated once to your organization. 

By using nurturing ad campaigns, along with ones that ask for the give, you can keep your nonprofit top of mind for your engaged audience. 


Smile Train Facebook Ad

If encouraging recurring donations is at the top of your goals list this year, then including Facebook ads for nonprofits in your marketing strategy is a must. 

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