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Welcome to my blog! Where I share my raw & real thoughts + experiences about digital marketing for nonprofits.

5 Steps to Create An Online Donor’s Journey for Nonprofits

Reading Time: < 1 minute Do you have a plan for how to attract and build relationships with donors online? In this conversation, Cameron and I dive into creating a dynamic online donor’s journey to guide people from unaware to lifelong advocates. Cameron walks us through the 5 most important steps of a donor’s journey: Awareness Opt-in Donate Recurring Donor […]

Social Media Tips


10 Quick Steps to Make Your Nonprofit’s Website Irresistible to Donors

Reading Time: < 1 minute “If I can’t find your mission statement in the first 30 seconds…there’s a problem.”  If you’re looking to improve your donation conversion rate online, keep reading! Jon and Becky from We Are for Good are experts at all things branding and marketing. They joined me to walk through 10 quick steps to make your nonprofit’s […]

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