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Optimizing Your Nonprofit Website: 5 Data Points to Watch

Reading Time: 7 minutes Your website is the central hub for all important information about your nonprofit. It should grab users’ attention and direct them to take action that furthers their involvement with your organization—such as donating, volunteering, or attending events. However, if you’re not seeing the results you’re hoping for with your website, it’s time to get to […]

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Double Donations with No Extra Effort by Using This 1 Online Fundraising Platform

Reading Time: 5 minutes In one of my previous posts, I listed 10 signs telling you it’s time to upgrade your online fundraising platform. Of course, knowing the signs of whether or not it’s time to modernize your donor experience is half the battle.  The other half comes with implementing a brand new online fundraising platform!  And managing that […]

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The Top 5 Benefits of Facebook Ads: Why You Need Them For Your Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

Reading Time: 4 minutes More than likely, your nonprofit marketing strategy has multiple methods to reach your donors. From email marketing, to SEO, to an optimum web design, you’re checking all the boxes for having a robust plan.  But if you’re still struggling to raise funds for your nonprofit, then it’s time to look at one of the best […]

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How to Elevate Your Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits to Increase Online Donations

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s your number one goal. The biggest priority for your nonprofit.  Increase your online donations. After all, it’s how you stay afloat.  But if you’re like most professionals in the nonprofit sector, your plate is already full. So to meet your goals, you need to get creative. Don’t stress, I’ve got a way to help […]

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