The Top 5 Benefits of Facebook Ads: Why You Need Them For Your Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

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More than likely, your nonprofit marketing strategy has multiple methods to reach your donors. From email marketing, to SEO, to an optimum web design, you’re checking all the boxes for having a robust plan. 

But if you’re still struggling to raise funds for your nonprofit, then it’s time to look at one of the best tactics you’re missing out on: 

Facebook ads aka Meta ads. 

Now, if you’ve ever spent money on ads before and they didn’t work for you, you might think that social media advertisements aren’t right for your organization. 

But before you run off, I’m breaking down what’s on the other side of taking the leap and learning how to make Facebook ads for nonprofits work for your mission! 


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Tailor Your Mindset Around Money to Boost Your Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

It’s true. The first time you run an ad, you may not receive many new donations from it. But the beautiful part is you’ll quickly learn how to determine what’s working and what’s not working with your ads. 

Don’t worry, I’ll dive into that in a moment. 

The big question you need to consider when it comes to using Facebook ads for nonprofits is simple. Do you prioritize your time or your money? 

Once you’ve nailed down Facebook ads, you’re rewarded with way less time spent on generating new donations. You won’t need to take up hours upon hours to create new, organic content that may or may not bring in any donors at all. 

So, yes. In the beginning, you need to be a tad more risk-averse. You need to know that, initially, it takes an investment. 

But you’ll soon find that you’re making much more in the end (and spending way less time to do it). 


The Top 5 Benefits of Facebook Ads for Your Nonprofit

A woman sits at her laptop to plan out her Facebook ads for nonprofits.


With your mindset around investing in Facebook ads set, it’s time to start raking in the rewards of your efforts. 

There are so many benefits of Facebook ads for nonprofits. But to keep it brief, here are my top 5 and what they can do for your organization: 


Facebook Ads for Nonprofits Benefit #1:

Get More Insight on Your Analytics

Yes, you do get analytics and insights on organic content. But you won’t get the data that you do when you use social media ads. 

Facebook Ads Manager gives you any and every report you can think of for your ad performance. You’ll know how your copy, videos, and images performed. And that can inform you to use those assets in other areas of your organization, too. 

The good news about that? Even if your first few ads don’t bring the ROI you’re hoping for, you can use your analytics to determine just where it fell flat. 

Every time you spend money on ads, you’re getting back invaluable data. It teaches you about what’s working and what’s not. You can take the data and make your next ad even better. 

Think of it as a snowball effect. The more you put into your Facebook ads for nonprofits, the more you’ll learn and can ramp up your return on investment. 

In no time, you’ll reach the point where you’re spending the least amount of money possible and bringing in more online donations in return.  


Facebook Ads for Nonprofits Benefit #2:

Target Your Ideal Donor 

I’ve said it before, but it begs repeating. 

With organic content, you’re limited to throwing a wide net and hoping you catch something. 

But Facebook ads for nonprofits allows you to target specific audiences. And in doing so, you’re putting your social media ads directly in front of the people you know want to participate in online giving. 

It’s an invaluable tool that’s not possible with organic content! 


Facebook Ads for Nonprofits Benefit #3:

Create Ads for Your Specific Objective

Your ads don’t have to be solely for online giving. You can create Facebook ads for all parts of the donor’s journey. From directing them to your site to learn more about your mission, to leading them to register for an upcoming event, you can have an ad for everything. 

And Facebook ads allow you to include a call-to-action that leads exactly where you want your prospect to go. No “click the link in bio” required! 


Facebook Ads for Nonprofits Benefit #4:

Reach More Donors Than With Organic Content

As more businesses of all kinds move to the online space, your organization is constantly in competition. And since organic content is accessible to everyone, your competition is even higher. 

Using Facebook ads for nonprofits gives your organization priority over those who aren’t using social media advertisements. 


Facebook Ads for Nonprofits Benefit #5:

Increase Your Recurring Donors

Retargeting is yet another way to increase your online giving. You can use separate ads to target prospects who’ve already interacted with your organization. 

It’s an excellent way to boost your recurring donors so your pipeline for online donations is always filled! 

Getting in the right mindset to get the benefits of using Facebook ads for nonprofits is a game-changer. 

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