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The Biggest Mistake Nonprofits Make on Social Media

The Problem

The biggest mistake most nonprofits make on social media is very common and easy to fix!

Posting the same content across all platforms. 

Think about it – every social media platform is consumed differently, has unique features, and functionality.

So why would we post the same copy and imagery across each channel hoping for great engagement in return? It doesn’t work that way.

Don’t fall into this mistake most nonprofits make on social media.

It’s time to realize you don’t NEED to be on every platform.

Where is your audience? Who are you looking to attract? That’s where you should be.

Next step?

Create a Platform-Specific Content Strategy

Here’s a simple way to think about each platform:

  1. Twitter: I’m #volunteering for @unitedway! #motivationmonday (photo)
  2. Facebook: I’m sharing a photo gallery of my experience volunteering with United Way and a link for my friends to find volunteer opportunities in their local communities
  3. Instagram: Here’s a fun 30-second reel documenting my experience volunteering.
  4. YouTube: I documented my day volunteering for United Way in this 10-minute video
  5. LinkedIn: I’ve added volunteering with United Way under my personal profile and shared an article about my experience giving back
  6. Pinterest: 5 ways to get involved with United Way and linking back to my LinkedIn article

I suggest focusing on a couple of key platforms first and really nailing down your strategy. See solid engagement first and then tackle additional platforms.

Repurposing Content

Once you get into a good rhythm, you can easily repurpose content in the right way. For example, I could turn this blog post into:

  1. An Instagram quote graphic
  2. A Facebook link post drawing traffic back to the blog
  3. Create a short YouTube video
  4. Repost as a LinkedIn article to reach additional audiences
  5. Create a Pinterest cover image and draw traffic back to my website

Looking for more creative ways to use social media for your nonprofit? Check out my new course: The Magic of Facebook & Instagram for Nonprofits.

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