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How to Elevate Your Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits to Increase Online Donations

It’s your number one goal. The biggest priority for your nonprofit.  Increase your online donations. After all, it’s how you stay afloat.  But if you’re like most professionals in the nonprofit sector, your plate is already full. So to meet your goals, you need to get creative. Don’t stress, I’ve got a way to help […]

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Raising Funds for a Nonprofit Organization? Here’s the Smartest Way to Do It

Raising money for a nonprofit can feel daunting. Especially when it seems like you’ve used up all your other resources.  There are plenty of people out there who want to give to your mission. But getting your nonprofit in front of them so they can is exhausting.  If you’re raising funds for a nonprofit organization […]

Two women sit at laptops while raising funds for a nonprofit organization.

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Digital Marketing & Fundraising Trends For 2022

Author: Caroline Fothergill, Digital Marketing Strategy & Campaigns for Nonprofits & Cause-Driven Businesses Caroline is an incredible colleague of mine and I love the analysis she’s put together below for you! So many good nuggets in here. Grab your notebook and get ready for some seriously good digital marketing & fundraising tactics to implement into […]

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Top 3 Nonprofit Marketing Myths About Social Media Ads

Afraid of Social Media Ads? You’re probably falling for one of these 3 Nonprofit marketing myths about social media ads. Let’s debunk them now. The truth? Social Media Ads can help make fundraising a lot easier for your nonprofit organization. You just have to know what to do. In this video, I’m covering the 3 […]

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