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Ingredients Of A Successful Marketing Strategy and How To Craft One

Reading Time: 7 minutes Authenticity is rare when it comes to marketing on the digital edge. What customers are looking for and what they believe in is authenticity. People don’t always trust what a brand has to say but they’ll trust their friends.  Micro-influencer marketing is one of the best ways to cultivate that trust and reach your customers […]

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3 Things To Know Before Posting on TikTok

Reading Time: 4 minutes TikTok is ALL about authenticity. The less perfect the content looks, the better your content is likely to perform.  Sounds dreamy, right?  I attended a TikTok workshop by TikTok Coach, Samantha Vlasceanu and I learned a TON. I’m just getting my feet wet and sharing what I’ve learned. If you want 1:1 help or a […]

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How Digital Donors On-Demand Helps You Level Up Your Facebook Ads

Reading Time: 4 minutes In one of my previous posts, I explained the top 5 benefits of Facebook ads and why you need them for your nonprofit marketing strategy.  Well, knowing why you should use nonprofit Facebook ads is one thing.  But knowing how to use them is a whole other ball game.  That’s okay – that’s what I’m […]

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Save Time with This 1 Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits Tool

Reading Time: 4 minutes The marketing strategy you use for your nonprofit is probably robust. From an email newsletter you send out to blog posts showcasing how your organization is making an impact, you’re doing your fair share of getting your name out there.  But if you’re still struggling with how to grow your nonprofit, then there’s one thing […]

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