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How Molly of ASCRS Gained Confidence With Her Social Media Ads for Nonprofits Strategy

Reading Time: 3 minutes “This program made me feel so empowered!”  That’s what Molly Gascoigne of ASCRS said after she leveled up her social media ads for nonprofits strategy through Digital Donors On-Demand. She’s a development professional in a nonprofit organization with a niche program and audience.  And for a while, she had been looking for a strategic, low […]

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Use This 1 Tool to Empower Your Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Let me know if this sounds familiar: You believe wholeheartedly in your nonprofit’s mission. And you’re genuinely thrilled to be a part of the team to drive impact for your cause.  But when it comes to marketing effectively, a little sweat runs down your spine. Because you’re not 100% confident in yourself when it comes […]

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How Facebook Ads Fit Into Your Overall Nonprofit Development Strategy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Let me tear down a common misconception in your nonprofit development strategy. The departments in your nonprofit aren’t separated from the marketing process.  Every single member of your nonprofit is important in your entire marketing process!  But so often in the nonprofit world, departments think they are very siloed. They each stick to their department […]

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How To Create Content That Attracts Donors

Reading Time: 2 minutes Does your nonprofit marketing strategy align with creating content that attracts donors? Specifically, your ideal donor? We often spend so much time guessing and hoping that the content we create will convert. What if there was a better way? I’ve outlined my #1 tip below for knowing what kind of content you should create to […]

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